At Chick-fil-A Robinson, we have several fundraising opportunities available for outside groups.

Cow Calenders:

2018 Cow Calendars are now available! Group prices available for re-sale.  Taking orders now! 

Concessions Sales:

This is a great option for school groups or sports teams to earn money at local community events.  Chick-fil-A Robinson can provide our chicken sandwiches, chicken biscuits, or boxed meals at a discounted rate for re-sale at the group's discretion.  This has proven to be a great concession stand attraction!  

Boxed Meal Spirit Night:

Sell tickets to supporters of your school or organization for a Chick-fil-A boxed meal (a sandwich with chips/cookie/fruit). This is an easy way to make money for your organization in one place!


The Chick-fil-A Cow Calendar is both an annual tradition and a new opportunity to see what those renegade cows will do next in their never-ending battle against burgers. These 12-month masterpieces include a coupon card for free Chick-fil-A menu items and remain some of the most popular calendars ever produced.

The themes may have changed - from “Great Works of Cow Literature” to “Inspiration from the Cows” to this year’s 20th Anniversary Edition: “Steers of Yesteryear” - but the cows’ message has always been the same: eat more chicken.

You’ll be selling one of the most popular calendars in the country through a complete, easy-to-administer fund-raiser with excellent profit potential.