Spirit Night

Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A, Woodruff Road is the ultimate low-cost, no-effort fund-raiser! Just invite your organization to eat delicious Chick-fil-A® Chicken!

Simply visit the participating Chick-fil-A restaurant on your designated Spirit Night from 5-8pm, and your group enjoys a share of the profits from that evening’s sales.

How It Works:

First, contact the Marketing Director, Pam Hall, to setup a date.  

Second, market your event as much as possible to get as many people from your organization to visit Chick-fil-A the night of your event. Customers from your organization come into the store or through the drive-thru and purchase food.

He or she must put the receipt into a registration box located by the front counter, or if coming through the drive thru, tell the staff person at the ordering window that this is a Spirit Night order. 

These receipts will be counted to determine the final fundraiser $ amount reward. 

Only customers from your organization will be counted towards your share of profits. 

You can contact Pam at 864-640-3755 or via email at woodruffroadrmd@gmail.com